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Dear Friends of the Fund,

Mary Lou Sterge


Susan Mostek




This past year the Chester County Fund for Women and Girls adopted a new mission to lead and unite the community in philanthropy and advocacy to ensure that women and girls have resources and opportunities to thrive.  The Fund listened to you and heard loud and clear that we need to be bold and innovative as we raise awareness of inequities affecting women and girls.  All too often we discover situations that demonstrate we have miles to go before women achieve true equality.  Affordable housing, available healthcare and a safe living environment are needs that should be met for every resident in Chester County, yet we know many women and their children struggle to maintain their health and well-being.  Being aware of these circumstances and striving to eradicate them gives purpose to our everyday work.  We cannot be complacent as we make strides to improve the lives of women and girls.


At our Making a Difference Luncheon, Kitchen Table Award winner, Phyllis Copeland, reminded us that even from its inception Chester County residents have been charged to help one another.  This is indeed what makes our community such a special place. This year the Fund certainly worked towards this goal.  We implemented a 3 year strategic plan, granted out $255,000 through the Grants Allocation Committee and Girls Advisory Board, and presented numerous programs raising awareness of women’s issues such as breast cancer health, maternal health, teen self-esteem and preservation of dignity for senior women.  None of these things would be possible without your loyal support.


We are proud to submit this Annual Report of our past year’s activities.  It highlights our belief that the empowerment of women is necessary to build a strong community.  With your support, we know that we can continue to build women up so that Chester County can be a better place for everyone.  The Fund looks forward to another productive year with you.



With deepest gratitude,

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