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Girls Advisory Board


Through active participation on our award-winning Girls Advisory Board (GAB), high school girls from across Chester County learn first-hand about critical needs in their own communities as well as how to strategically work together to make a difference through grantmaking. The young women in the Fund’s GAB program engage in site visits to non-profit organizations that many never knew existed. They learn about innovative programs, discuss how to address needs, debate strategies, and then build consensus to select the organizations they recommend for distributing $25,000 in grants.  

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GAB Group 2013
GAB Girls
GAB Parent Orientation
GAB Parent Orientation Group
Grants Celebration
GAB Class of 2013


Dana Abercrombie

Danielle Allaire

Brianna Bolon

Kayla Cleary

Sarah Graff

Amanda Henry

Maddie Hone

Jharna Jahnavi

Anna Kahn

Madison Long

Melissa Marabito

Mia McGuin

Carolyn (Annie) Orth

Hannah Short

Emma Smith-Hogan

Caroline Stipa

Sophia Sulkowski

Allison Warner

Katie Zecca


When you're a part of GAB, you're put in a situation that is totally different and unique from anything you've ever experienced. You work as a team with girls you've never met, and as a group, try and support the women and girls of Chester County. 


Anna Kahn, GAB Member

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