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La Comunidad Hispana’s mission is to empower immigrants and low-income residents to stay healthy, build strong families, and lead productive, fulfilling lives by providing high-quality, culturally welcoming services. The Fund’s grant will support the Prenatal Program, which provides culturally competent, comprehensive health care services, tailored to meet the needs of over 200 pregnant, primarily Latina women in Southern Chester County, regardless of income or health insurance. 

$15,000 Program Support

Why This Project Matters

"Excellent work by the community and for the community."

Southern Chester County

Prenatal Program

40 % of Latina women in Chester County do not receive prenatal care.

18% of Latinos in Chester County live in poverty and 28% do not have a regular source of health care. Many prenatal patients come to La Comunidad Hispana without health insurance and hesitate to seek early prenatal care in their pregnancy because of the potential financial burden this puts on their families and because of language and cultural barriers. La Comunidad Hispana provides initial evaulation and care, along with prenatal health education, referrals for high-risk patients, and care and delivery for approximately 230 pregnant women in the coming year.

Carol Moore Photography

Carol Moore Photography

Chester County



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