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The Garage is an after-school community center in Kennett Square that provides several programs for youth including tutoring, mentoring, and community service. The After-School Girls Program directly impacts girls’ ability to graduate from high school and aims to break the cycle of poverty. Through the After-School Girls Program, the Garage creates an environment where teens feel safe, and where positive self-esteem, civility, respect, and responsibility are promoted.

$7,500 Program Support

$4,000 GAB Grant

Why This Project Matters

“The support system I found at The Garage helped shape my life philosophy and work ethic and encouraged me to put the virtues of attitude ahead of everything.”

Southern Chester County

After-School Girls Program

Youth are 46% less likely to use illegal drugs when matched with a mentor.

- PEW Venture Study

The Garage address a critical need for teen support in Kennett Square and West Grove community by providing after-school programming for middle and high school students. Research from Fight Crime:Invest in Kids, 20013 shows that the hours between 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM are a high-risk time for teenagers. Youth are more likely to be involved in dangerous and risky activities during these after-school hours. The Garage has established a variety of programming focused on girls aged 11-19 years old which directly impacts girls' ability to graduate from high school and breaks the cycle of poverty. Programming creates an environment where teens feel safe, promotes social and professional development, encourages students to stay in school and continue their education, and promotes positive self-esteem, civility, respect, and leadership.

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Chester County



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