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The mission of Community Volunteers in Medicine is to meet the primary healthcare needs of low-income, uninsured people living in Chester County. The Fund’s grant supports free healthcare services that directly impact the medical, dental and emotional health and well-being of approximately 900 uninsured Latino women and girls, with over 5,600 anticipated visits in the coming year.

$16,000 Program Support

Why This Project Matters

“During our difficult, painful times the one thing that helped us survive and actually thrive through it all was the compassionate and excellent medical and dental care we received at CVIM. You’ve made a positive lasting difference in my life and I thank CVIM with all my heart.”

- Patient

Northern, Eastern, Western, Southern Chester County

Free Medical and Dental Care for Latinas

Nearly 1/3 of Latinos do not have health insurance. 

Like so many people living in the United States, Latinas are challenged by high rates of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and obesity. However, because of their etnicity and cultural differences they face many more barriers to regaining and maintaining their health. People who are unisured are less likely to have a regular doctor or get preventative care, which results in poorer health overall. Community Volunteers in Medicine provides Latina women and girls free healthcare services and women's preventative health services; plus comprehensive and restorative dental care.The goal for all patients, in particular this population that suffers disproportionately from gynecological cancers, diabetes and hypertension, is to help them regain and ultimately maintain their health so that they can continue to be productive at home, work, or school. 

Chester County


Ira Raider Photography

Ira Raider Photography


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