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Barnstone Art for Kids uses the Power of Art program to help children with a shaken sense of security to heal, cope, and grow. The program was developed specifically to address the needs of children who have been exposed to domestic violence and/or the associated risk factors. All year programming addresses the needs of children affected by domestic violence.

$7,500 General Operating

Why This Project Matters

Northern and Eastern Chester County

In Pennsylvania, an act of domestic abuse occurs every 7 minutes. 90% of domestic abuse victims are women, but the ripple effect on the children living in homes where there is domestic abuse is significant. Barnstone Art for Kids believes that the Power of Art can help children affected by domestic violence heal, grow, and cope. Barnstone Art helps ensure that children living through the trauma of domestic abuse are given the tools to cope, positive relationships to help them heal, and an education in art to help them rise above their circumstances and find beauty and pleasure in their power to create art of their own.

Between 3.3 and 10 million children witness some form of domestic violence.

(PA Uniform Crime Report)

"Sometimes a small difference -- like introducing art as an outlet into a child's life -- can make all the difference in how they develop and who they become."

Chester County



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